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Cool Change Doors and Windows are a small window and door manufacturer based at Terrey Hills in Sydney’s north. We custom build top quality products from western red cedar for a paint or clear finish using the finest timber and hardware available.

Cool Change Doors and Windows are PROUDLY AUSTRALIAN MADE AND OWNED.



Western Red Cedar is the timber species of choice for door and window manufacturing due to its excellent inherent properties. Western Red Cedar has natural decay combating agents to provide incredibly long life to the doors and windows. Further Western Red Cedar is extremely stable and will resist warping, cupping, swelling and twisting. It also allows great adhesion for gluing and surface finishes. Western Red Cedar is also a carbon positive product and comes with certification as a sustainable resource with first class forest stewardship practice. You can’t get greener than that!


Timber windows and doors provide the most superior thermal qualities of all window and door frames allowing little heat to escape during winter and little heat transference from the outside during summer. Conversely aluminium frames are excellent thermal conductors, always cold in winter and hot in summer when exposed to the sun or heat. A BASIX certificate values timber framed doors and windows well over aluminium for thermal properties and also for sustainability.